Parish History

The city of Dallas, for its current development, has the history of 180 years. From 1830 onwards people from different parts of the world began to come in to this city. Before the year 1930 this so called city was full of wild thicket of brush and trees. Migration is not something that we intended recently. From the beginning of the human history there was a possibility of migration to different places. There search was not for a temporary living but a permanent one. Likewise by the help of relatives of our family members and some of them because of their ability in science and scientific technology came to USA and started living and found a permanent residence. But in early years Dallas had not very much importance in the world map. So many of our families first came they settled in New York, Chicago, California, Washington and Philadelphia. Later people began to migrate to many places such as Dallas, Florida, Detroit and several other areas because of the convenience of jobs and earnings. There were many Malankara people started living in Dallas for the last 25 years. Because of their enthusiasm and love towards the liturgy and religion the people far from came together at least once in a month to share their religious experience and pray together from the year 1991. It was seven years after the official inauguration of the Malankara Catholic community in the United States of America by the then Metropolitan Archbishop of Trivandrum His Grace Benedict Mar Gregorios. In the beginning there were only 11 families from all over the city of Dallas. However this community was fortunate to have the spiritual guidance and support from Fr. William OIC who have been in Chicago then. Since we had not purchased any property as our own, at that time there was no particular place of worship for this community. We looked forward the kind help of the surrounding parishes as they provided their facility after their normal use on Sundays. Even though we did not have a parish as our own Rev. Augustine Kailath was appointed to look after the community in 1993. After him Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadamala was appointed as the vicar to this parish. It was in his tenure we bought a new church as our own in Garland. It was on January 1, 1996 the St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church was officially inaugurated in Garland, Texas. Next 10 years, we were fortunate to have the services of. Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadamala , Rev. Fr. Peter Kochery, , Fr. Chacko Narimattathil ,Rev.Fr. Thomas Kottayil, and Rev. Philips Chacko. As the City of Dallas is a growing city the community is also a growing community. Now there are over 59 families are in this parish. We expect more people these coming years. As we understood the facility that we purchased was not sufficient enough to meet the necessity of the parish for our catechism classes for children and youth, prayer groups, place for socialization we were forced to buy a new church. It was in 2008 under the initiation of the then parish priest Chorepiscopo Geevarghese Mannikarottu, the Parish Council and the entire community together purchased a plot in Mesquite, Texas with 5 ½ acres of land and a building in it. After having done major remodeling it is now a very magnificent church and it can accommodate more that 300 people in one time. The New Church was officially inaugurated on May 7, 2011 by His Excellency Most Rev. Thomas Mar Eusebius the bishop of the Malankara Catholic Exarchate in the United States of America.

From June 26, 2011 Rev. Fr. Joseph Nedumankuzhiyil is our vicar. He came from New York after his successful service in St. John Chrysostom Malankara Catholic Church, Long Island. Under his spiritual guidance and right motivation the church is moving to its primary emphasis on spreading the faith and being a witness not only to the community but to the country at a large. The church members are working hard to keep their faith and grow their children in the same faith they have been growing. Our church is endowed with many talented youth and children. Ignoring all the hardships of their daily life all the parishioners find time to gather together in worshiping. This parish takes special pride in its sense of brotherliness that envelopes the members of the Church and the entire community coming together to share their faith by being involved in many activities of the church.

As the name of the parish indicates we keep great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. So we do celebrate our church feast along with the feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Virgin Mary.