Catechism class, primarily, in our tradition, known as “Sunday School” is mainly providing concentrated faith formation to our young children on every Sunday after or before Eucharistic Celebration. Though the children come for Holy Mass every Sunday along with their parents it is the primary duty of the church to impart the knowledge about the bible and the church to young children, consequently, they would be strong in faith.

As the catholic Church teaches the effect of faith formation is twofold- evangelical and relational: “The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ” (Catechesi Tradendi, 5, and CCC 426).The main purpose of catechism or faith formation is to build a community of strong faithful by knowing Jesus, loving Jesus and living in Jesus: finally to become His disciples. By all means it is through this formal teaching we help them building a good relationship with God.

………… I am writing to you, young men, because you have conquered the evil one……………… I write to you, young men, because you are strong and the word of God remains in you, and you have conquered the evil one (1John 2:13-14)

Our church gives precedence to giving opportunity for our youth to be recognized as they are and as Christ wants them to be. Understanding the fact that young generation is an additional strength to our church we encourage them to go along the teaching of the Gospel and the Church. They are constantly being instructed the Christian , cultural, and social values especially in the area of family life, work place, educational institutions, and each and every point of their life. We frequently conduct spirit-filled programs, namely seminars, retreat, cultural events and etc.., for the youth and youth out of their enthusiasm they do help the church in continuing her ministry of spreading the Gospel in the whole world. We hopefully are working hard to build an authentic catholic family culture in the church by praying together, being together and sharing together.

Church by its very nature is missionary. From the very beginning of the church, she was conscious of the needs of the people. In order to fulfill the needs the church established so called societies consisted of people who are ready to take care of the needs of the sick and poor. Such consciousness urged each congregation to establish certain ways to carry out the pious activities in the church. In general, pious associations are the leading groups that establish and keep the church vibrant and active in the area of spreading the Gospel not only in the community but also the local area at large. So the active members of these pious associations are the members of the team of ministry as well. This ministry leads and directs each person to himself, others and the community in and through prayer and spiritual guidance. As the term “pious” denotes it is for a group of people who hold the same feelings of reverence, devotion and religiosity. Hence the formation and participation of such associations is a clear expression of this devotion for the healthier and smooth work in the church. Just like any other church Malankara Catholic Church also has established such association to bring the people of same age, thought pattern, and dedication together to pray, work, and to grow in advancement of the work of the Catholic Church in her duty to proclaim the Good news. The goals of these associations are: to establish Christian fellowship, to foster its members to keep moral Christian values, motivate people for spreading Gospel through their life, make people a strong community of faith and sustain them capable to face any possible challenges against their faith, foster public worship and prepare to be witness to the faith.