About Us

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We are blessed to have a community of Malankara Catholic faithful, though small in size, strong in faith, active and spirit filled. We are always here to lead you in faith to reach you to the fullness of the experience of the glory of Our Lord Jesus. We invite you to walk together with us on your spiritual journey which takes you closer to God. Likewise we need your support of prayer and cooperation to achieve the mission of the Church.

We are one of the branches of the Catholic Church namely Malankara Catholic Church, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches, that follows a different form of Liturgy called Antiochean Liturgy. We give greater reverence to the tradition along with we are nourished by the Word and Sacraments. As a community we praise God for all marvellous work He has done for us all through these years.

We wish you had come and joined with us in our liturgy. Give us chance to share our religious experience with you, we will provide you with many blessings through the intercession of Mary the Mother of God.